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Meet up with others to enjoy the arts and culture of London.

We visit galleries, concerts, museums, theatre, (fringe and mainstream) live music gigs and places of historical interest. Our members are interested in various forms of culture, including history, photography, painting, drawing, architecture, film, theatre, live music and dance.

Enjoy walks, talks, meals, etc. with interesting company. Discover unusual London venues, and areas that are off the beaten tourist track.

Try out new activities/events/restaurants, widen your circle of friends, and enjoy what this great city has to offer!

Come along on your own, or with a partner or friend. Suggestions for new events are always welcome.

If you have time to spare during the day, why not join our sister group - Carpe Diem - daytime in London? Members can enjoy visiting places at quieter times!


We look forward to meeting you.

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visit Dennis Severs House
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

http://www.dennissevershouse.co.uk/ We could join a public tour on sunday afternoons, monday, wed eves, or if there are 20 of us book a private evening tour (£17.00)

Pls Support my kickstarter art project "The Poetry of Being Woman"

Dear Art lovers I am fund raising to complete a social commerce art portal for artists and launch niddoo.com. Requesting your support humbly to make my kickstarter campaign "The Poetry of Being Woman" successful. -------xxxx---------- Press release : Kickstarter the crowd funding site launched in UK on 31st Oct 2012. "The Poetry of Being Woman" is among the first kickstarter projects launched in UK by niddoo.com. Niddoo.com is a pre-beta stage startup - a social ecommerce portal where art-lovers can discover, buy, commission great art and art accessories from artists around the world. Niddoo is founded by artist Arifa who has successfully exhibited her paintings in London and received critical acclaim for her artistic endeavours. Faced with the pressures of an artist to financially break even while creating prolific art, she set out to solve the problem for artists around the world by creating a market-place for artists and art-lovers. The social ecommerce art -portal is set to change the lives of artists by providing them a dignified livelihood. Artists will be able to create a virtual gallery, communicate and forge relationships with buyers, and raise funds for art projects on the portal. International artists who have recently exhibited at The Nehru Centre London , Irene Lopez De Castro and Vidya Ranjith love the product and have endorsed it. The artist Arifa is raising funds on kickstarter by selling art accessories, and targets GBP20000 by Nov end. Funding is all or nothing. Funds will be used to organise art exhibitions in Europe to aid in the development and marketing of niddoo.com. Niddoo's founder Arifa says "Raising a successful round on kickstarter would not only provide proof of concept and early traction needed for a subsequent VC round, but also help build opt in lists of art-lovers who are voting with their wallets. A formidable marketing arsenal for a startup". You can choose from a range of Christmas gifts starting from GBP8. Rewards include designer accessories like calendar of paintings for GBP8, themed T-shirt and featuring in an ipad app for GBP20, designer scarf for GBP40, prints from GBP80, real oil paintings, custom-made haute couture and custom-portraits of backers hand-painted by Arifa! The artist appreciates support from fellow entrepreneurs. Go check out "The Poetry of Being Woman" and support her project! It takes just one click and less than a minute to back. ([url=http://t.co/9p5mEYBv]http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/arifakhan/the-poetry-of-being-woman-an-exhibition-of-paintin-0?ref=email[/url]). You can join Facebook page "The Poetry of Being Woman" to interact with other backers and see the progress on fund-raising. End of Press Release ---------xxxxxx--------- I am grateful for whatever support you can provide and humbly request you. 3 powerful ways you can help me: 1. Support my kickstarter project by making a personal pledge (any amount over GBP1, or over GBP8 to choose one of the rewards as an artistic Christmas gift to yourself or a loved one) 2. Tweet about it and promote on social media Tweet niddoo launches first UK art project on kickstarter. pls chk out & support "The Poetry of Being Woman" http://t.co/9p5mEYBv Like Fb page "The Poetry of Being Woman" -www.facebook.com/artexhibitionbeingwoman 3. Help me with Strategy / ideas to make this campaign successful. Any ideas to make it viral? I will be delighted to meet anyone who is gracious to pledge or help me with ideas & any form of support. We will have a backers party in a few weeks time. we also have a networking event on 21at Nov at Cass Business School "Leadership Legends" featuring entrepreneur success stories of Susan Payne , CEO Emvest (a usd500mn fund) and Sarah Curran, CEO my-wardrobe - if anyone wants to learn more about niddoo.com or my kickstarter project please come along. Tickets GBP 29. Registration athttp://leadershiplegends.eventbrite.com Complimentary tickets for kickstarter backers, and any art lovers who would like one on me!! Thank you ever so much for your gracious help to make my dream and thousands of artists dreams come true!

Classical, Jazz & African Music @ Music for Liberia Charity Concert 2017

Music for Liberia (http://www.musicforliberia.com) presents a special evening of classical, jazz and African music performances by internationally acclaimed artists, featuring the legendary Stephen Kovacevich (http://icartists.co.uk/artists/stephen-kovacevich) (piano) as well as Alice Zawadzki (http://www.alicezmusic.com) (vocals), Kadialy Kouyate (http://www.kadialykouyate.com/) (kora), Kamilla Arku (http://www.kamillaarku.com/) (piano), Ionel Manciu (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6w0iIbj-_o) (violin), Kaoru Wada (http://www.kaoruwada.com/) (piano), Kuda Matimba (http://www.hararemusic.com/) (marimba), John-Paul Muir (http://johnpaulmuir.com/) (piano), Ezekiel Ajie (double bass), Ayo Vincent (piano) and young musicians from World Heart Beat Music Academy (http://www.worldheartbeat.org/). Please join Music for Liberia for a diverse and inspiring musical line-up, home-cooked West African food, and a few surprises! Proceeds from this concert will benefit Mother Blessings Orphanage (https://musicforliberia.com/about/our-beneficiaries/mother-blessings-orphanage/) in Mount Barclay, Liberia and Music for Liberia’s newly established scholarship fund (https://musicforliberia.com/about/our-beneficiaries/the-george-massa-arku-scholarship-fund/) for Liberian school children. There will be a host and meetup sign in the foyer. Let's go enjoy some great music for a wonderful cause!

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