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What we’re about

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Artup is a Bay Area community-powered incubator for forward-looking work stationed at the intersection of contemporary art and digital technology. Welcoming artists of all disciplines, Artup provides a foundation for a consistent and engaging stream of high quality work for and by curious aesthetes throughout the Bay Area.

The Bay Area is technological ground zero. Bay Area residents are the first to experience the impact of the latest technological developments. Artup strives to stimulate responsive artworks and critical conversations to match that intensity.

Technology workers in the Bay Area are transforming the world. Now is the time for Bay Area artists to do the same.

Artup will do this through three regular programs:


1) The Artup Venture Fund


Inspired by The Awesome Foundation model, the Artup Venture Fund bestows a monthly grant of $1,000 upon creative projects of exceptional promise. Projects are selected and awarded by the Artup Trustees - a group of community members each of whom contributes $100 dollars per month to support the grant. Projects eligible for the grant are any proposal for a work concentrated on art and Projects eligible for the grant are proposals for works concentrating on art and technology. The grant comes with only two stipulations:

The creator presents the project idea (with preferably a demo or some sort of tangible work product) at an Artup (See below).

The creator establishes a web presence with updates with progress reports for the work

Special encouragement is shown to works that may stimulate critical conversations regarding local and technological issues, stimulate unconventional collaborations or display technological excellence.

The Trustees, with assigned individuals when and where possible, provide feedback and guidance to projects

2) The Artup


The Artup is a monthly gathering that fosters an environment of sharing and debate in the Bay Area arts community. The Artup features presentations by grant recipients, as well as curated lectures, panels, performances and exhibitions by relevant players in the Bay Area and global arts and technology community.