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What we’re about

                                      The Human Process to Liberation and Freedom is integration
                                       with the  Luminous Rainbow Body of Light.                                                                  

                                                                                       Pleiadian Love Song

                                                                   Jay Weidner talks about the Light Body

                       Frequency Changes – Phases of Physical Vibration Ascension, important review

* Audio from Michael Cremo on Consciousness, alternative Archaeologist.
You are a being of Pure Light infinite Consciousness having an experience in form.
Raise your vibration back up to your original Luminous nature. 
Metamorphosis and the Ascension Body of Light, Article

* Brother Steven Singing Love is in the Air
New Earth, New Era Breath Meditation from Brother Steven

As the illusion of Human Creation crumbles all around us Inner Spiritual people are awakening to the subtle vibrations, blessings and manifestations of the 5th world and the higher 5th Dimensional realities.  I-AM-Unlimited-by-Barbara-Marciniak-produced-by-TAAVI

Consciousness lies is there we have to look for it. Humanity, Human Consciousness and the Earth are now involved in a quantum trans-dimensional evolutionary leap and transition to a new state of personal and planetary evolution, frequency, vibration, higher consciousness, global mind, global society, galactic evolution, universal spirit and being.  We are all beginning to integrate, evolve, manifest and heal in new personal and collective ways.   Higher Cosmic Energies and Subtle Energy are transforming our world and effecting all life. The signs of a new world collective Evolutionary Era for Humanity and the Oneness of Humanity and the Earth are emerging everywhere. Please join us as we all co-create a new evolutionary Ascension Era in our community, humanity and the New Earth. Was the Ascending Christ the Redeemer over Iceland January 2015 ?  Link to Northern Lights Article 

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