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I'm stepping down as organizer of Asexual Spectrum PA, but invite everyone to my main group for those 26-55 where we could organizer Ace and LGBTQIA events:


And also suggest Access of Philadelphia group on Facebook:


I will never out anyone about where we met, so if you join and want to attend an event posted under Wanna Come Over, for aces or LGBTQIA, then please message me directly and we'll set up a date between everyone who contacts me, and then we'll post it to the group. We also have plenty of other events not too far from my area, and you know the organizer is from our community :) It's been great to have this support, but unfortunately we've had few actual Meetups. I'd love for us to keep in touch, but I can't run this group going forward. I've only met people twice the entire time I've been organizer! Maybe someone else will step up...


Socials events for anyone on the asexual spectrum (asexuals, greysexuals, demisexuals, fluid, questioning, ect). Let's meet, chat, cake. We do virtual events in addition to offline meetups, which happen mainly in 19034 and occasionally in Philly. Wanna become an event organizer in your PA location? Event ideas? Contact me!

To minimize organizer burnout: Please don't no-show or cancel last minute without an emergency (3 strikes). We do "still coming?" RSVP confirmations and ask for replies. Allies only, which just means no racism, sexism, sexuality-ism, ect.

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I'm stepping down as organizer 💙

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Games: JackBox.tv (NYC & PA Aces)

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