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Asexuals and Aromantics of the Mid-Atlantic: Baltimore is a Meetup group for anyone on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrum or people who do not experience sexual and/or romantic attraction. We are a group dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of asexuals and aromantics by providing support and friendship in an open and caring environment. It is our goal to make all members feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts and experiences, and all are free to contribute as much or as little as they wish in our discussions.

This group was created as a branch group of an Ace Meetup group that is centered in Washington, DC for those who live in the Baltimore, MD area. We may do joint Meetups with the original Asexuals of the Mid-Atlantic group, but the idea of having this branch group is to be centered in Baltimore. We want to create and build on our ace and aro community that is here in Baltimore.

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Virtual New Member Aro and Ace Picnic

Online event

Welcome all new Baltimore Aros and Aces members!! Let's picnic! We will gather (virtually), chat, eat and have a great time. Bring your own meal to the chat. If there is enough people we can divide into a second virtual room to allow for more conversations and people can flow between them as wanted. Link for this virtual gathering will be made available to those who sign up. You don't have to be on video, there is a text chat and if you would rather call in instead of use the site link I can you send a phone number that you can use to call in.

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