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If You're on a spiritual path of healing emotional trauma and healing ancestral lines while also celebrating life, You'll find that here. 💚

Here's what We currently offer:

ShamanicSoundEXPERIENCE™ a Peaceful and Relaxing massage for Your Soul. Connected to Reiki Energy, the sound bath carries the energy of Peace through shamanic instruments and voice.

Every Experience begins with Peace and connects You to one of many core experiences; including, SelfLOVE, InnerPOWER, DreamLIFE, Abundance and more.

More info here (http://www.ashnia.co.uk/sse.html)

ShamanicJourneyTHERAPY™ once again based on a foundation of Peace & Being Held, the journey guides You down into a state of inner silence. Where thoughts fade away into the background and the openness of the Sub-Conscious / Higher-Conscious mind can be communicated with directly.

Here is it possible to process a past trauma, release it and through the wisdom of Your Higher-Self change the way You experience that memory and in turn, the patterns and stories You create as a result.

More info here (http://www.ashnia.co.uk/sjt.html)

FiveELEMENTS Ecstatic Dance with Cacao Ceremony to open the heart. Both cathartic and celebratory. We connect to the energy of the elements, waking up the Chakras and releasing and expressing anything We need to if We need to, and when We are ready, We dance in a celebration of life.

We create the sensation of Ecstasy completely alcohol & drug free.
Expect, lot's of happiness, connection, laughter, new friends and exercise!

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