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Calling all Beatboxers (vocal), vocal percussionists, loop station, and drum machine enthusiasts. I started this group because ever since I was a child, I had the drummers syndrome. I used to tap my hands on tables, chairs, car dashboards, washer/dryer lids, and the list goes on. My parents enrolled me in a Tabla class (Indian percussion instrument) where I learnt the basics of taala (beat). I learned it for a few years and then moved on. Also as a child, I used to beatbox without knowing what it actually was. I don't think beatboxing was that big of a deal growing up in the late 80s and 90s. I used to imitate beats of songs I knew using my vocal skills. Several friends along the way told me I was good, asking me to cultivate these skills further. I happened to not take that seriously. Only until recently have I started following a few beat boxers and loop stationers. Although I have organically beatboxed my entire life, I consider myself a beginner because I haven't found the platform to practice or showcase my skills, nor have I found anyone else interested in this. Now is the time to find like minded people and I hope you find this exciting. If you are even faintly interested in beatboxing, vocal percussion, loop stations or making music using any of the aforementioned things, join the group to meet like minded people and have a fun time. The purpose could be learning something new, blowing off steam by jamming, letting creativity shine, or just meeting other people who understand you. This is not and never will be marketing strategy to entice people to anything for my gain. I am truly an independent beatboxing and loop station enthusiasts, that's it. While this is not a place to meet or recruit potential band members, if it happens, so be it. There will be no hidden agendas, just fun times. All skill levels are welcome, if there is such a thing in this. Peace

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Introductory Meetup for BeatBoxers

23443 Logans Ridge Terrace

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