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What we’re about

Welcome to the Adult ADHD Meetup Support Group.
**This group requires that you must 'JOIN' to receive full details, location and more.

Meet other adults dealing with ADD or ADHD. Gather to share our experiences, progress, and thoughts with one another.

Our Adult ADHD Meetup Support Group is intentionally designed to support people who are living with ADHD. Our group began meeting virtually by Zoom in 2019 which makes it possible for you to attend regardless of where you live or while away from home. This is not intended to be a social meetup or for those who may be looking to hook up.

Just submit your name and respond to the screening questions and I will approve requestions for membership. I will screen out requests from people who do not appear appropriate for the intention of this ADHD-only support group.

~Rudy Rodriguez, ADHD Meetup Organizer
ADHD & Executive Function Coach
ADHD Center for Success