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Asheville Developers Network

Junior web and software developers meet once a month to give brief presentations on the tech they are currently learning. The purpose of this meetup is 1) Give student/new/aspiring developers practice talking about their projects. 2) Expose jr devs to tech they may not have explored yet. 3) Foster community among jr devs and widen their support structure. And 4) Give employers a place to come see and meet up-and-coming local talent. Presentations are up to 15 mins long with 5 minutes for questions and answers. 3 presentations are given per meetup.

Asheville Developers Network meets the 2nd Wednesday each month at 6 PM at Hatchworks Coworking.

After the presentations, attendees are invited to come to the social gathering hosted by The Asheville Coder's League https://www.meetup.com/Asheville-Coders-League/.

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Monthly Presentations - Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks

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Monthly Presentations - Chris Pollard

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Monthly Presentations: Jay Hoots and Walton Jones

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