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This group is for people who love euchre. This group is for people who know how to play Euchre. We require a full name (first & last) and a photo to join. We meet every Thursday night at 7:15 (game starts at 7:30) at West Gate Earth Fare & play till around 9:45. Dues are $10 per year. We use these dues to pay for the website and for costs of printing scorecards and other material.

We post the Meetup by Friday, the week before the meeting. You must RSVP to play. Because euchre is played with four to a table, if you sign up to play, you are expected to show up. Please remember that last minute no-shows cause us to make some changes in the way we play that night.

We have a two-strike rule: if you RSVP "yes" and fail to appear twice, you are out of the group. We generally have a wait list; if you cannot make it, we ask that you change your RSVP to "no" at least one day before. This gives us a chance to get your replacement.

Please check the website throughout the week to make sure there are no changes & to confirm that you are indeed playing.

If you post on the website, please be respectful of the others in the group. We have a variety of players- some are veterans or are coming back after not playing for a while.

A great website for euchre information is: (http://www.euchrefun.com/2014/01/how-to-play-euchre-card-game.html) http://www.euchrefun.com/2014/01/how-to-play-euchre-card-game.html.

One last thing- we range in age from college age to "seniors" and have a great deal of fun each week!

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Play Euchre.

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Winners for the 10th are Doug in 1st, Susan in 2nd, tie between Terri and Debbie for 3rd. Congrats to all last night's winners. Special thanks to all members who arrived early and helped set up the tables and handle the money. I really appreciate it.

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Play Euchre.

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