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We are Myers-Briggs introverted personality types: INTJ/INFJ, INFP/INTP, ISTJ/ISFJ, ISFP/ISTP. Since we're introverts, it can be a little more difficult for us to be social and meet new people, so this group will break through those internal barriers. We'll get together for casual social interaction and informally share our stories about how we relate to the world differently than the extroverted MBTI types (who are the majority of the population). We'll meet over food and drink, board games, etc. -- and please give me your suggestions so we can consider them as we plan together! ~Todd

Update on our group's name: Since we're not only introverts who gather to socialize but also to socialize in a distinctively introverted way, we are now the AVL Social Introverts Group.

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