What we're about

The primary purpose of the AVL Nonprofit Connector is to connect people working in or with mission-based organizations to useful knowledge and resources, and to each other. We believe that we can all accomplish more working together and supporting each other. We have identified three broad areas of support that this group can provide:

1.) Capacity building - How can nonprofit organizations and leaders develop the competencies and skills that can make them more effective and sustainable?

2.) Knowledge of and access to resources - How can we become more aware of what valuable resources are available to us and how to access them?

3.) Emotional support - How can we support each other in dealing with the emotional ups and downs of launching and running an organization, project, etc.?

The role of the organizers will be to facilitate determining what the needs of the Asheville nonprofit community are in these areas and organizing meetup events that help meet those needs.

Possible topics may include: fundraising strategies, using technology effectively, board recruitment and development, collaborating with other non-profits, and so on. If there’s interest, we’d like to host issue-focused events, e.g., bring everyone together who is working on a similar issue, e.g., climate change, racial justice, the arts.

The Meetup was started by four Ashevillians who work in and with nonprofits nationally: Ben Johnson, who provides creative direction and design for mission-based organizations; Kirk Watson, founder of Causeway Interactive, which provides technology services; Emma Stamm, a writer/editor with and MS in Nonprofit Management; and Steve Cooperman, who has served numerous nonprofits as Executive Director, Board Member and Consultant.

Upcoming events

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