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"Find the others" - Terrence McKenna.    Whether you are thinking about exploring the psychedelic realm, are a novice traveler or a seasoned explorer, join us here to share your interest and experience in this most transcendent experience. We can help each other be safe, get the most out of our exploration and put our experiences to good use in our own lives and for the benefit of humanity and planet. Meetings are at the "Rest Stop at the End of the Universe" in East Asheville.
The careful and intentional use of Yagé, Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro, Psilocybin Mushrooms, LSD and other entheogens and psychedelics can help YOU to:
• Reconnect with your Soul and integrate it into your body.
• Set aside fears and negative programming.
• Release the past.
• Bring freedom and peace to your mind.
• Open your heart deeply.
• Experience Rebirth: Reset your Mind, Spirit, and Body.
• Reset brain receptors to how they were in a pre-addictive state.
• Rewire and develop brain neuroplasticity.
• Discover the purpose of your life.
• Control your thoughts.
• Improved relationships.
• Initiate a deep cleansing and organic detoxification.
• Detoxify the Pineal gland.
• Activate the third eye.
• Develop better coping skills.
• You increase self-love.
• Remove “the Matrix” or instilled/programmed control.
• Relieve pain.
• Eliminate stress.
• Find real and true answers.
• Liberate yourself from negative thoughts and self-talk.
• Clear and overcome blocks.
• Stay present and connected.
• Communicate with other spiritual forms.
• Enhance mental clarity and proliferation of ideas up to many months after a dose.
• Have confidence and willpower.
• Discover God within yourself.
• And we keep adding to the list as people share their experiences...
Come to one of our many meetings and hear for yourself the first-hand accounts of people's experiences, and bring your curiosity and questions. EVERYONE is welcome!

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