What we're about

We explore consciousness parameters in the unity field ranging from Shamanism, Metaphysics,Quantum Field Computational algorithms of DNA, with an emphasis on epigenetics and DNA medication relative to technology and the advent of quantum computing, all which forms into Sacred Geometry. Showing geometry symbolism of computational parts of consciousness.
We see how consciousness manifest in geometric form and matter through the Higgs Boson, relative to intention, random thought which propagate intentional modalities of healing and efficacy ad a basic form of function.

People interested to see actual data emphasis showing healing properties of how all stones work within a spectrum of light to frequency and what bandwidth they have and how to test a stone live time for accurate readings of microwave cosmic background variables, so you know exactly what your healing properties are doing on the molecular level and how they are propagating photons from the quantum field and touch the field of efficacy and data showing that your consciousness has been recorded in your regalia, or healing modalities, or cells and dna or any part of the human physical body, and not limited to show how light stores information in your quantum field, aura, chi etc.
We are at the forefront of an emerging field of science and are not performing hands on test and validating processes with lab and test equipment. We are simply sharing the reality of which is for the enjoyment to become more knowledgable of what lay ahead in the future for us.
Our background Is Lab Based work, research and development regarding topics above for the Governemnt, and private companies. Working with light and having a foundational degree of knowledge for decades in Metaphysics. We have integrated consciousness into reality real time.

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Quantum Bio-Energetics and Consciousness

Whole Foods Market - Greenlife Grocery Asheville

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