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This meetup group gives paddlers of all skill levels a chance to meet other paddlers for flat water and mildwater paddling. We get together to share our love of water and the outdoors. We paddle mostly local/regional waters, and may also plan overnight, weekend, or longer trips farther away. We share tips, information, and knowledge. All members are welcome to post trips and/or discussions. All are welcome. We have NO RULES except be safe and have fun.

“Mildwater” means different things to different people. For new paddlers, mild may mean lakes and flat rivers. For those who have whitewater experience, Class 2+ or Class 3 whitewater may be mild. Meetup organizers provide descriptions of their outings. It is your responsibility to read those descriptions, ask questions if needed, and decide whether a given outing is right for you, given your skills and equipment.

We want to get a good match between people/skills/equipment and our meetup activities. A good match means that everyone on the outing is safer, and members and organizers can have more fun. One tool we have is the member profile you are asked to complete when you first sign up. Please review and update your profile periodically, including answering the recently added questions about your experience and equipment.

Rivers CHANGE! Trees fall, block the river and are later swept aside. Floods move boulders and reshape islands and channels. River difficulty changes depending on water levels. An outing that was listed as easy can be unexpectedly harder because of one or more of these changes.

Equipment: All members are expected to provide their own equipment, including kayak, canoe, or other type of non motorized watercraft, plus PFD, paddle, whistle, and all other equipment or supplies needed.


Danger exists for participants in activities organized by this group. Participation may result in illness or injury due to accidents, the forces of nature, or other causes not foreseeable. Such illness and injury may include disease, strains, sprains, fractures, dislocations, paralysis, and/or death. Possible injuries may cause serious and permanent disability. By your participation and that of your guests in any group activity you knowingly assume the risks arising out of that activity.

In consideration of the services of Asheville Mildwater Paddling Meetup group, aka AMP in making available this Meetup site and the opportunity to participate in the activities posted on this meetup site and the particular activity for which I am about to RSVP, I make the following acknowledgements and waivers for myself, my heirs, children, parents, spouses, personal representatives and estate, with the intention of being legally bound:

1. I recognize that all activities sponsored or organized by AMP, especially all activities involving transportation or outdoor activities, are inherently dangerous and involve both known and unknown risks which could result in physical or emotional injury, even death, to myself or others or damage to my property or the property of others. These risks cannot be eliminated.

2. I recognize that all activities in AMP are organized and facilitated by “organizers” who are volunteers, with no particular training, skill, experience or equipment in the activity that they lead. I will not rely on the experience, judgment, or skill of any organizer.

3. I assume full responsibility for investigating the types, extent and scope of all of these risks and the safety measures and preparations that a prudent person would take to reduce these risks; I know that AMP cannot inform me of all of the risks I may encounter or instruct me in such safety measures and precautions.

4. When participating in events or activities, I shall conduct myself in a sensible, safe and respectful manner toward all other members, toward the public, and toward all individuals, firms or companies providing members with instruction or guidance in connection with participation in the events or activities.

5. I recognize that AMP will not provide any food, water, clothing or equipment, and that I am completely responsible for the adequacy and effectiveness of my food, water, clothing, and equipment. No one will inspect them or approve them on behalf of AMP.

6. Without limiting my responsibility or the scope of risks I may encounter, I recognize that the risks include the hazards of carpooling, equipment failure, traveling in a wilderness area through rough terrain and water, getting separated from or left behind by the group or organizer, getting lost, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, drowning, storms, lightning, falling, falling objects, dangerous wildlife, allergic reactions, noxious plants and insects and the actions of other people.

7. I realize that alcohol may be consumed or made available before, during or after a AMP event by private persons, including leaders. Alcohol may increase the hazards associated with all other risks.

8. I expressly agree to accept and assume all of the risks existing in this activity. My participation is voluntary and I choose to participate in spite of the risks, known and unknown. I forever release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless AMP, its owners, representatives, and organizers from any and all claims or causes of action which are in any way connected with my participation in this activity, including all claims that allege negligence or failure to use proper care. I agree not to sue AMP, its representatives and organizers for any loss or damage connected with my participation in this activity. I certify that I have adequate personal resources such as insurance to cover any injury or damage I may cause or suffer while participating. I have no medical or physical conditions that could interfere with my safety or the safety of others if I participate in this activity; if I do, I agree to assume the costs of all risks that may be created by any such condition.

9. If AMP is required to engage an attorney to enforce this agreement, I agree to pay all of his fees and expenses and all court costs, if any. I agree to bring any lawsuit that involves this agreement only in North Carolina.

10. AMP reserves the right to deny admittance, suspend introductions if the participant exhibits anti-social, inappropriate or disruptive behavior or attempts to use these services for improper, immoral, illegal or exploitative purposes.

By joining the Asheville Mildwater Paddling Meetup Group, I understand and agree to the above AMP terms of service.

DUES: All new members enjoy a free 30 day trial membership. If you wish to continue your membership after 30 days, please pay $12 annual dues. Dues can be paid in two ways: Go to the Asheville Mildwater web page, and look on the left side of the page for the box "Member Dues". Click there to pay online via WePay. Or, attend a meetup hosted by Clare, and pay in cash.

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