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New Member FAQ

Bored Game Geeks?  What kinds of games?

-Our name is a pun because we’re mostly into board games around here.  A more accurate description would probably be tabletop games, because we also play games without boards like card games and dice games.  We play any game with physical pieces that you play in the company of other people, so no video games.  Some group favorites: The Resistance/Avalon, Cosmic Encounter, Dominion, and Splendor, just to name a few.  We don’t have much of an RPG presence (yet), but we do have some members interested in D&D and Pathfinder and probably others who would be willing to trying them out.

I don't know how to play any of the games you've mentioned.  Do you play Scrabble, Monopoly, or games like that?

– Typically our members are playing more obscure games that you may not have come across before.  Some people might call them Hobby Games or Eurogames.  There's a wider world of board games out there that all of us are excited to share, and almost every game that gets played at our events includes at least one person who is learning it for the first time.  We have plenty of members who will be happy to teach you, and should be able to point out the best games to sit in on if you're there for the first time.  So even if you've never heard of Catan or The Resistance or Cosmic Encounter and are bringing nothing to game night other than yourself, you should still have a good time.

What if I want to bring Scrabble, Monopoly or some other classic game?

- You are welcome to bring any game you like, but be aware that you may not find too many people who want to play any of the classic games like Scrabble and Monopoly (although you never know).  Bring things you like to play and you might find a kindred spirit.

When and where do you have Meetups?

-We currently have three regularly-scheduled events, all of which occur on a bi-weekly basis.  Tuesday nights at Asheville Pizza & Brewing on Merrimon, Sunday afternoons at EarthFare in Westgate, and Thursday nights at the Catawba Brewing Tasting Room near Biltmore Village.  More information on those can be found on the Meetups page and Calendar.  Members, even those who are not Organizers, are also encouraged to suggest their own Meetups when and wherever they’d like, although if you’re planning on having a Meetup at a place of business you should make sure to get the owner/manager’s approval first.  We have standing agreements with the three locations above.

How will I find the group at a Meetup?

-Each Meetup should have a description of how to find us.  But if not, we usually have a large selection of board game boxes visibly placed on a table somewhere so people know where to find us.  We are going to try to have more signage with us in the future. 

How do you find all these games?

-Being a part of a game group like this will expose you to a lot of different games, so if you stick around for a little while you’ll learn more about the hobby than you ever thought existed.  There is also a lot of information online.  The most comprehensive online board game database is definitely (aka BGG).  Another popular website/YouTube channel/podcast is The Dice Tower Network.  A great way to watch board games like these being played is the online show Tabletop hosted by Wil Wheaton on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel.  A quick search for those three websites should get you to everything you’ve ever wanted to know and more about the board game hobby.

Where can I buy these games?

-Locally, there is a board game store called The Wyvern’s Tale on Merrimon.  They sponsor our Meetup group and we definitely recommend taking your business there.  They can answer any questions and help you find any game you’re looking for and order it if they don’t already have it.  They also have a nice selection of demo games that you can try before you buy.  If online is more your thing, there’s always Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and also some more gaming-focused sites like CoolStuffInc, Miniature Market, and FunAgain Games.

Can I see what games some of the members already own?

-Okay, but don’t judge us…

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