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Ashland Book Club is a laid-back book club that reads one book a month. We read both fiction and non-fiction, and we vote from pool of suggestions made by our members plus notable options from bookish websites. Want to read, share and discuss your favorite reads and discover some new ones? Come meet us and and bring your favorite reads or some that you'd like to explore.

Books are chosen two months in advance by a vote through the message boards, accessed under the "more" button in the menu above. Voting is open for about a week after the selections are posted - sometimes it takes a few days for us to gather suggestions and descriptions. If there is no future meetup scheduled, we are probably in the voting process and waiting for the group to select their next book.

Meetings are lively and generally run about two hours, depending on the number of readers in attendance. In these pandemic times, we are meeting via Zoom, the link to which can be found on each meeting's page. Please bring some thoughts, quotations, or questions about the book (some people take notes) for discussion. We usually provide some questions to ponder as well, which are emailed in the days before the meeting. We'll go around the table and everyone will get chance to talk about the book. Readers are not required to finish books to participate in the discussions, but if you don't want spoilers, you'll have to stick your fingers in your ears and go "la la la la la la" until we're done. Just kidding. That would be disruptive. Plus, then you'd miss the interesting things that other readers are saying.

We look forward to meeting you - Until then, Happy Reading!

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Let's discuss "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" by John le Carre'

Online event

There are a several versions available through the library, and lots of used copies out there if you want to purchase your own. We're setting this up as an online event but we'll leave the option open to have an in-person meeting too. Please bring a notable quote, theme, or anecdote from the book to share in discussion... trench coat and shoulder holster are optional!

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Let's discuss "The Nix" by Nathan Hill

Online event

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