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Asia Ecommerce Network is created to help British and European companies and individuals understand the ecommerce landscape in Southeast Asia and China. Google-Temasek highlighted in a report that the ASEAN's ecommerce will be growing at the fastest pace in the entire world from now till 2025, with a CAGR in excess of 30%. China's ecommerce value has reached more than USD1T in 2018, more than the economy of the Netherlands

With a combined population of 650m people across the 10 ASEAN countries and 1.3b in China, high mobile penetration rates and social-media savvy consumers, ecommerce will grow at break-neck speeds. Nevertheless, there are significant challenges in penetrating and growing in these markets, including language, cultural and regulatory barriers. Asia Ecommerce Network aims to help you better understand and navigate these challenges.


Asia Ecommerce Network is open to all who are interested in learning more about selling to Asia. You may be developing your own brand and products, working in consumer goods company, or a service/consulting company that helps companies expand overseas. We are also open to anyone who is keen to learn more about the retail/etail/ecommerce scene in Asia.

SEED aims to hold bi-monthly events to share our experience operating in Asia and network with like-minded individuals in Europe.


Asia Ecommerce Network is operated by the SEED office, a unit owned by Y Ventures Group Ltd, a publicly listed e-commerce solutions and distribution company. SEED member companies comprises industry leaders who have successfully navigated the ecommerce and logistics industry in Asia in fields including market research, data analytics, logistics, digital marketing, social selling and online marketplaces.

Members of SEED include:

- Keyhole Insights, a market research/economics consultancy that focuses on ASEAN and China

- Kinofy, a social selling platform that allows foreign brands to sell cross-border into China via the Wechat platform

- UrbanFox, one of the largest last mile fulfilment company in Singapore and owned by the Keppel conglomerate

- Kobe Technologies, a social influencer agency using AI and data analytics to help brands execute successful campaigns in ASEAN

- Y Ventures Group, one of the largest ecommerce company in Singapore. They use data to help their brand partners sell better online, through pricing analytics, sentiment analysis and demand forecasting.

- Aora, the world's first global shopping concierge platform powered by blockchain, with the goal of democratising ecommerce through the widespread use of cryptocurrency.

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