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Sunday Brunch in the New Year
Hi Everyone! Ready for brunch in the New Year? Here is a suggestion of a relatively new restaurant in the Marina area of SF. This is their menu (currently for the fall, but they should update it for the winter soon): But if you have other recommendations of places to check out, let me know! Evelyn


3321 Steiner Street · San Francisco, ca

What we're about

This is a group for Asian/Asian-American (i.e., Eastern, Southeastern, & South Asian; half Asian; vaguely Asian; etc.) women who don't exactly conform to the model minority stereotype. I have been wanting to have a sisterhood of women who share a similar heritage to mine and are navigating the space between growing up with that heritage while living as ~modern ladies~ in the Bay Area. I'm not looking for anything structured, just a safe space to hang out for dope ass ladies who are bucking tradition and don't give a fuck about cultural expectations (or are on the journey there!).

Potential topics of discussion:
- Dealing with Asian parents
- Our identities as first/second/third/n generation Asian/Asian-American women (Dudes, please stop messaging me about trying to join this group... fucking give us women our own space, FFS)
- Dating lives
- Swapping recipes
- How much we love our pets
- That one b at work who drives you crazy-- unless if you're that b, then we gotta call you out on that because we love you and want the best for you
- Other general existential crises

Activities can range from hiking, drinking wine (optional: and crying), potlucks, eating at a nice restaurant, board game nights, being Whole Foods shopping buddies, taco Tuesdays, etc. Really, the activity is just a vehicle for connection.

I live in Berkeley but am mobile and happy to organize things in the East Bay and SF!

A little bit about me, so you know I'm not a serial killer:
I'm a Bay Area native and am currently working as a part-time public health professional and full-time PhD student (I know, really bucking the model minority stereotype). I'm second generation Korean-American and never eat Korean food, not because I don't like it but more because banchan takes WORK to make and I'm lazy. I studied abroad in Japan and can still speak a rudimentary level of Japanese, mainly in the form of asking for directions and asking what the special at a restaurant is.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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