What we're about

Do you have personal projects that mean a lot to you and that could possibly change your life and make you happier?
However you see days, weeks, and months pass by and things just do not take off because you are simply caught in daily life's chores and other people's expectations? Or you do work on your projects already and have some good results, but you miss some support/accountability that could fuel you even more? You may have tried many productivity methods but you feel it could be beneficial to share your progress and work together with someone?

You're not alone! Actually other people are just like you and would be thrilled to set a regular time to work with you and be your "productivity buddy" if you will. Then the flame you once had within you, giving you a glimpse on what you could accomplish does not fade and die...
Whether it is starting a business, going back to school, writing, or anything else that is important to you and that requires spending time in front of your computer, book or paper, you can find someone who helps you work on a regular basis, holds you accountable, and with whom you can discuss your productivity hits and misses!
I have created this group to gather people just like you, and help you find your productivity buddy (or buddies :-)), so please join!

(You may find more information in the discussion section (forum): http://www.meetup.com/fr/Asian-Efficiency-Meetup-Brussels-Productivity/messages/boards/

Do not hesitate to interact!)