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Who wants to play...ARCHERY TAG!
OMG, this is awesome! Did you know that Vancouver has Archery Tag now? What is Archery Tag®? It is an integration of three heart pumping and thrill seeking sports of paintball, dodgeball and archery. Battle it out “Warrior Style” with true Bows and Safe Arrows. If you are interested, please RSVP on this event page and we'll figure out a time. More info (including costs) here:

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What we're about

Welcome to the Asian Social Group Meetup!

The Asian Social Group group is for Asians (all types; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc… AND we welcome all race/ethnicities to join) who want to meet and socialize as well. This is meant to be a social group where you'll go out and have fun and meet people who have similar interests.

We have quite a number of events, averaging one or two a month, from Bubble Tea, to Movies, to Karaoke, and of course, the favorite Asian pastime...FOOD!

The Asian Social Group Meetup is a real names and photo group, so when you signup (it's free to join), please use your real name and post your photo so people see who you are. This is not the place to be shy, we're a friendly group.

We do hope that if you RSVP for an event that you will show up. Thus we are enforcing a two strikes and you're out policy in the group. If you miss two events in a row that you have RSVP'd for, then you are removed from the group, just so we can keep everyone accountable. We do sometimes put an extra two to five dollar meetup event fee onto random event, this is only to pay for the meetup group fees that charges for te group. All other events are at the/your cost of the event.

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