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Welcome to the Asian Social Group Meetup!

The Asian Social Group group is for Asians (all types; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc… AND we welcome all race/ethnicities to join) who want to meet and socialize as well. This is meant to be a social group where you'll go out and have fun and meet people who have similar interests.

We have quite a number of events, averaging one or two a month, from Bubble Tea, to Movies, to Karaoke, and of course, the favorite Asian pastime...FOOD!

The Asian Social Group Meetup is a real names and photo group, so when you signup (it's free to join), please use your real name and post your photo so people see who you are. This is not the place to be shy, we're a friendly group.

We do hope that if you RSVP for an event that you will show up. Thus we are enforcing a two strikes and you're out policy in the group. If you miss two events in a row that you have RSVP'd for, then you are removed from the group, just so we can keep everyone accountable. We do sometimes put an extra two to five dollar meetup event fee onto random event, this is only to pay for the meetup group fees that Meetup.com charges for te group. All other events are at the/your cost of the event.

Upcoming events (5+)

Amazon Sellers Networking, Walkthrough & Starting Your Own Branded Products (PL)

Vancouver Public Library, Renfrew Branch

Update: As a result of further feedback from people who attended our meeting last Monday, our next event now has three parts: A) There will be a walkthrough and Q&A about the Amazon seller backend B) I will talk about Starting Your Own Branded Products (Private Label) to sell C) It is a networking event for you to meet other Amazon Sellers Please be sure to RSVP immediately so we can get an accurate attendance number. ---- From survey reply results from our Amazon sourcing and selling event last Monday, there were several common characteristics for the audience in group in attendance. Two of which being: 1) When it comes to selling on Amazon, everyone is a literal newbie, many have not even started their account yet. 2) Most prefer to learn in a live, group setting, rather than through books or online. A) So I've decided to continue the momentum of the group and have asked a friend of mine to come in and give a presentation on how to start your Amazon account and navigate the backend dashboard. He is doing so well on Amazon now, that he's quit his day job to focus on it full time. We'll have a projector showing what is happening in an Amazon account, live, on screen as he goes through it to tell you what we are looking at and how to use it. B) ALSO, it appears there are a lot of people who want to start their own brand/private label products to sell on Amazon. I'll talk about what to think about when considering going down the Private Label branded route (from the perspective of sourcing product and branding). C) We'll have time before and after for networking and people can catchup with each other about the study groups we've formed (in the last event). Please RSVP and feel free to invite your friends. ---Details--- What: Amazon Sellers Networking, Walkthrough & Starting Your Own Branded Products (PL) Hosted by: Exporting & Sourcing from China to North America Meetup group. When: Tuesday, January 22nd. Doors open at 615pm, event starts around 630pm. Where: Renfrew Public Library meeting room, 2969 East 22nd Avenue, Vancouver. Go into the library and turn left. Cost: $15 cash at the door How to RSVP. Please RSVP at the meetup group event page. Thank you. Ronald

Chinese New Year Reunion dinner with Karaoke & Mahjong

Pink Pearl Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Join us for a "reunion dinner" to end the year of the Dog as we get ready to welcome year of the Pig. We will be SHARING a 10 course dinner with the group. Cost per person is $40 inclusive of taxes and gratuities. For those who love Karaoke and Mahjong, we can start at 3:00 pm in the VIP room, followed by 10 course dinner starting at 6:30 pm sharp. If you'd like to bring a board or card game, feel free to do so. We will have the room all to ourselves with own washrooms. There will be a variety of dishes to accommodate everyone. For MJ, please arrange your own legs, or comment below. There are two tables available. Pink Pearl Seafood Restaurant has been around for years with good food, excellent service! Plenty of free parking and easy transit by bus. www.pinkpearl.com >> How to RSVP: Please contact Anh at[masked] or at [masked], who will coordinate all the RSVP's and keep an accurate head count (we have reserved seats for 30 people, so we need to know how many people will come. Feel free to bring a friend by RSVP +1. COST: $40 per person INCLUDING ALL: VIP room charge, service fee, karaoke, MJ, 10 course meal, tips and taxes. This is an awesome deal! PAYMENT: Pre-payment preferred to reserve. By e-transfer or drop off. Contact Anh at[masked]. CASH payment, please bring exact change. ***IMPORTANT Housekeeping Rules and No-Show Policy: We have a zero tolerance policy for no-shows: those who sign up but do not show will be removed from the group. If you RSVP 'Yes', we expect you to be there. Our organizers have a busy schedule too. We all do this voluntarily. Organizing events takes time, efforts and a lot of consideration. Please Respect your organizers and members by showing up if you RSVP "Yes". >> How to RSVP: Please contact Anh at[masked] or at [masked], who will coordinate all the RSVP's and keep an accurate head count (we have reserved seats for 30 people, so we need to know how many people will come. • Cancellation Policy: Please no cancellation allowed after Sunday, January 27, 2019 (2 days) prior to the event. If, for any reason, you change you mind, please change your RSVP to 'No' at least 48 hours prior to the event. This will give your fellow members a chance to get on the 'Yes' LIST. If do you cancel within 48 hours, you will be marked as last minute cancellation (LMC) and may be removed from the group.

Who wants to play...ARCHERY TAG!
Needs a date and time

6Pack Beach

OMG, this is awesome! Did you know that Vancouver has Archery Tag now? What is Archery Tag®? It is an integration of three heart pumping and thrill seeking sports of paintball, dodgeball and archery. Battle it out “Warrior Style” with true Bows and Safe Arrows. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxERxitOUUY If you are interested, please RSVP on this event page and we'll figure out a time. More info (including costs) here: http://6packbeach.com/archerytag/archerytag

Are you interested in movies? How about acting or helping make a movie?

Here is something to stimulate your creativity. I bet most of you don't know that I used to be a filmmaker about a decade ago, before moving into marketing. Now, as a photographer, my equipment takes very nice cinematic video and I've noticed a whole new genre of 20's and 30's young adult drama's/romance movies coming out of China.... So I wonder if anyone is interested in getting together to make some short videos, just for fun, of interesting stories. These can be fun promotional videos or we can write a script/take a scene from a movie and we'll work on making it. If you are interested in coming out as an actor, editor, camera, writer, etc.... then RSVP on this event and then send me an email to [masked] and tell me what you'd be interested in. We'll see what happens between now and the spring. ~Ronald

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