What we're about

The Community of Women is a strong community – the opportunity of this meetup group is to bring together powerful women to mutually support each other to grow in happiness and in love. By love, we mean loving relationships – family, work, business, romantic, communities and with themselves. Loving relationships with everyone is the key to finding loving relationships for yourself. Hence the need for this community and the connections and the insightful education we present.

Who should join?
Professional Single Asian Women 35+ who are looking to get support in community on how to find fulfillment both in career and in relationship to enjoy a happy and joyful life.

Why should you join?
Life for an ambitious career minded professional woman can be stressful, overwhelming & almost unnaturally-serious-masculine – incomplete and missing a component of a Loving and Adored Experience AND the Juicy Feminine. A missing in the sharing of happiness and joy despite the success. But at the same time, we want like-minded successful women to connect with and be inspired by – without the frivolity of oversimplification but with the maturity and wisdom of experience and depth.

Success = Success in Career & Success in Relationship Balanced.

You will get education, practices and concrete tools as well as support from community for attaining joy and harmony in your life without sacrificing one important life aspiration over another. The act and art of balancing your needs is the key to fulfillment, happiness and success in relationships.

What can members expect out of the group?
We will have light networking events for the community to get to know each other and have structured educational presentations, workshops and forums.

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