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A unique group for Asian and Non-Asian Singles or Couples who are interested in meeting each other. This group will support many Non-Asian who have lived in Asia, speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino or dating & marry to Asian with a deep interest and connection with Asian culture. And it will support the many Asian in the area who would like to meet Non-Asian with an honest interest in and knowledge of Asian culture. Due to the increasing number of American who have lived in Asia or like Asian culture and the increasing number of Asian who are now living in the US, a mutual interest in Asian/American love relationships is also growing. These men and women consider themselves bi-cultural and are seeking a partner or have a partner who can share and understand their bi-cultural values, interests and experiences. This will be a fun and exciting group unlike anything ever held in this area for Asian and American with mutual cultural experience and interests.

* This group support dating relationship for Asian to Non-Asian.

* This group also support married Asian to Non-Asian couples to support each-other and do activities together.

We look forward to seeing you!


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Private Estate in Fremont

Come and celebrate at a beautiful 12 acre private estate in the East Bay hills, featuring an upscale mansion and manicured gardens, with a beautiful balustrade overlooking the Bay! This is a lovely Estate & Vineyard with ample parking for all. Prepare yourself for a wonderfully exciting and romantic evening.

The wait is over! This will be one of biggest event of summer. Mansion Party 2019 we had over 150 and this year is expecting more...

Must be 21+ with I.D

Beach Tropical clothes & bright colors!

Poolside BBQ (6 PM to 8 PM)
Singles Game with Prize
Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi
Dance Under the Stars
and a Lot More!

Ticket Price for BBQ and Pool Party: (6:00PM to 10:30PM)
$30 (Early-bird)

Advance Special for Pool Party: (8:00PM to 10:30PM)
$20 (Early-bird)

It's hard to meet new friends in a big place full of strangers - very intimidating. Something has to break down the barriers. At our Card Match game inspires even the shiest person meets everybody at the party!
You'll be given a playing card. During the event, your job is to find a person of the opposite sex that has the same card. Once you find your matching card, you both go to the reception table to claim a prize. You are then free to continue meeting new people or chat with your match.

This event is an opportunity for you to socialize and meet other people. Your attendance means you understand, accept, and agree that you and your guests are solely responsible for your own choices, actions, conduct and safety in regards to all possible hazards and inherent risks, including COVID-19, associated with participating in this activity and meeting new people. By attending this event, you agree to not hold any organizers, sponsors, or hosts liable for any injury or illness such as but not limited to influenza or COVID-19. Please bear in mind that no vaccine is 100% effective.


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