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    Asia's Treasures - !!! Do you ever dream of visiting Asia ? Had or have a Asian Partner, friend or a Neighbor ? Do you use Indian spices in your cooking and or have tried delicious Asian Food ? Are you of Asian Heritage, but have never visited Asia , yet speak some Asian Languages ? Danced on Indian Bollywood tunes and enjoy Bollywood Movies ? Do you love to watch international cricket , soccer matches ? Would you like to listen to the sweet melody and ragas of Indian music ? This is a cultural group to explore and know about Asian culture, food, music and travels. With our deep passion of cooking, dancing and making new friends, here is our small initiative to start this group for everyone ( any nationality ) who wish to experience true colors and flavors of unique Asian culture and its diversity. We promote a holistic,sustainable and an authentic lifestyle.

    Please note that this is a non-partisan group with no religious or political affiliation or agenda whatsoever. The group's purpose is to cross the cultural divide , cut through stereotypes, enable and promote a multi-cultural understanding and foster friendships in a fun environment. Take " The hundred foot journey " with us.......then only..........The Journey of a Thousand Miles will be more appealing, simpler and beautiful........

    MEMBERSHIP DUES : Membership Dues are $12 ( Individual, Couple, Family) annually for unlimited events. Membership dues are $12 ( Individual, Couple, Family) annually for unlimited events. An additional benefit, is all members have the option of joining our sister groups - Fit N Fun @ 40 Plus , Decoding Taxes : and enroll yourself as a member. All meetup organizers of existing groups ( operating more than 2 years ) and members who play an executive/managerial role in non-profits are exempt from membership dues. This is create and encourage a spirit of volunteerism, that is so vital for our local community. For Fundraising events, specific instructions will be given in advance. Every incoming member gets a free 60 day Trial Period. You are responsible for paying your dues, when you join or at the end of the Trial Period. Please pay at the time you join. Go to "Pay Online" at the Fit N Fun @ 40 Plus site and follow the directions or pay to the Host of the Event. The other key benefit is that once you are a member of one of the Groups, you can enroll in the other 2 groups for free. Do send us a message that you are a member already and we will exempt you from fees with the other 2 groups.

    A note especially for Outdoor Events - You are responsible for your own safety and well-being. !! Ultimately, you are the leader of your own adventure experience. Know your own capabilities, as any participation in group events is “at your own risk”. By signing up for an event, you agree to take responsibility for yourself and any guest(s) you may bring. There are no “liability waivers” or other written agreements to sign. By signing up for an event, you agree to forgo the right to exercise legal action in the event that you and/or your guest(s) are injured at one of the events.

    Feedback is welcome on a on-going basis for any events - past or posted. This helps us to make this Group - more vibrant, healthy and transparent.

    We will give you the taste of every part of Indian culture :

    * Learn and eat authentic home-cooked Asian Food from different parts of India & the World - All Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes.

    * Learn Bollywood moves and dance on Indian / Indian Fusion music ( good fun and exercise )

    * Enjoy Bollywood Movies from an International perspective

    * Experience and attend different Indian Festivals across the United States and locally.

    * Travel to various parts of India with an Personal Guide / Interpreter

    * Learn and practice Yoga/Meditation with Yoga Teachers at our beautiful Parks

    * Participate and Learn at our Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking Classes and make healthy eating

    part of your life.

    * Food Waste is a critical issue that a mindful eating, environmental awareness lifestyle tackles..

    This Group is a gateway to the Arts,History & culture of South East Asia.......Let's meet, make new friends, and have lots of fun together.........All members are welcome to schedule events. They can email me the details and I will post the event details and logistics..

    Please post a current, forward-facing photo of yourself only , disclose your full name , as a professional courtesy to all members. This is a mandatory requirement for all members. Please do keep your RSVP updated at all times. This helps in event planning and logistics.

    Namaste and Welcome to our Group.........

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