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Aspect Life Coaching & Serenity Center is a community where like-minded women come to gather and make themselves a priority in their life. We are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, coworkers and friends to so many, always there taking care of things for others, but when do we truly show up for ourselves?

In this group we practice to set a standard of self care for ourselves. When we can fill our own “bucket” and nourish ourselves, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, we can be available and give to others from our “overflow.”

​When we FINALLY make our well being a priority, only then can we become a more authentic, present “us.” This, in turn, makes us more available for relationships with others.

In this group we explore many ways to make self care a daily practice. Using essential oils in that practice, can be supportive and really change lives.

Why Essential Oils? dōTerra® Essential Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ (CPTG™) oils that are extracted from plants that are grown all over the world. The oils are a natural alternative to elevate the mind, support the body systems, and give moment by moment emotional support. These oils are truly “Gifts of the Earth!” Oils from dōTerra®, I have found to be the most therapeutic, effective and natural ones available.

Our oil education classes and discussions are available to anyone interested in using essential oils for a natural solution.

You are invited to join us to experience community, support, and uncovering your own inner wisdom on your journey.

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Aspect Life Coaching and Serenity Center

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Aspect Life Coaching and Serenity Center

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Aspect Life Coaching and Serenity Center

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Aspect Life Coaching and Serenity Center


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