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What we’re about

If you are a NeuroTypical Adult (NT) with a spouse, partner, sibling, parent or grown child who has Asperger Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD) this is the group for you.

You will soon learn that you are not alone. We have grown to have members all over the world, on every continent. Whatever the language or the culture, we can all relate to the common theme of life with an adult with "Asperger Syndrome."

Members meet with Dr. Kathy at teleconferences, and small group intimate videoconferences. She shares her many years of professional expertise, and personal experience of living with loved ones on the Autism Spectrum.

All discussions are private for members only.

There is a wealth of information, tools and tips at our conferences. The best place to start is to attend the next New Member Orientation with our Ambassador Julie. Check the Events page.

Once you are a full member of our group, you can join our community forum. Not only can you meet with other members at the forum, but you will be able to access many years of past recordings of our teleconferences and video conferences (audio only). Members report these resources are tremendously helpful.

There are some other resources to help you grow and change and take back your life from these very tough ASD relationships:

Dr. Kathy Marshack's books can be ordered at Amazon:
"Going Over the Edge?" (2009)
"Out of Mind - Out of Sight" (2013)
"When Empathy Fails" (2018)
"Asperger Syndrome & Relationships" (2021)
"Empathy is More Than Words" (2022)

Dr. Kathy also offers a recorded online course to further your education and healing about NeuroDivergent Relationships (ASD/NT). "Asperger Syndrome" & Relationships: A course to relieve the chaos and misunderstands in NeuroDivergent Relationships.

Schedule 1:1 time with Dr. Kathy through her website.