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WNC Asperger's Adults United (A.A.U.)

Asperger's Adults United (A.A.U.) is a group for adults on the Autism spectrum 18 years and older who want to meet for support, friendship, and fun activities.

Our group exists to help one another by creating a community for everyone on the Autism spectrum to thrive and prosper.

Our main goal is to provide a local social network to those with Autism. We learn from each other, share coping strategies, and have a deep passion for helping other adults who are seeking answers.

Asperger's Adults United strives to build relationships organically and not by force. We hope to accomplish this by providing a safe place where Autistics can practice social skills without fear of being judged or ridiculed. Through trial and error we learn how to socialize and get along well with others as we’re doing various group activities.

We will strive to conduct ourselves using honesty and constructive criticism, and if something comes across as rude or overly critical we will look for ways to learn from it and will then build strategies for dealing with such things in the future. Then we’ll move on.

Who can join?

Any adult on the Autism spectrum. Those who have not been officially diagnosed but think they may be on the spectrum are cordially invited to join as well. If you feel you need a family member or friend to come and give you support, they are more than welcome to come as guests.

This group is for all races, genders, sexual orientations, and beliefs. We come together, as the name implies, for ALL people on the Autism spectrum as a non-judgmental, all-inclusive group.

There is no fee, but donations are accepted to help pay for group expenses (activities, event space rental, website cost, marketing, etc.). We all pitch in together as a community - we ask everyone to help by bringing what's needed for a specific event.

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