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To be an aspiring artist, would you be interested in trying a collaborative art study? Collaboration is one of the essential ingredients that leads to a deeper connection and joy through creativity. Together, we will learn to illustrate via video streaming meetups. Collectively, we will focus on DIET with Reuben Lara, which has four parts over a week. Such as duplication, invention, education, and tracing. Furthermore, we will host the meetup in the morning because I strongly feel that this is the best time to do your most important work. In the new, let's go forth as Aspiring artists and follow our inner artist child.

We will try to learn with art DIET, but we will expand our direction and spread the joy of learning together with more collaborative leadership.

If you use social media, and want to share the Meetup so others can learn to illustrate, tag your work with #AANYC.

Thank you,

From the AANYC Team

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