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Every entrepreneur has dreamed of creating something that they can be proud of.

This group aims to encourage individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs, but haven’t yet started their own venture. We provide these individuals with information, experiences, and connections to begin their journey and ensure their success. We help individuals understand and develop the qualities that they require to have a smooth and successful journey as an entrepreneur.

This initiative by Dharma Life Sciences wants to aid people in laying down a path for them to be able to confidently start converting their dreams into reality.

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Discover Your Personality: Your Road To Success

Be a part of the Meetup Fest at WeWork! PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT HERE: https://www.townscript.com/e/discover-your-personality-your-road-to-success Who you are defines what you will become. As you grow and transform, what you become will change too! As an entrepreneur, constant growth and transformation is one of the key ingredients to your success! Your personality is a combination of your genes, experiences, thoughts and feelings! You, as a whole, are a culmination of all the people and situations you have encountered throughout your life and what you’ve learnt from them. Isn’t that fascinating? As T.E. Wealth rightly said, The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts! Your personality influences every action, decision and thought you have. It is what charts your path for you. To be able to use your strengths effectively and work on your weaknesses, you need to stop to understand and analyze them. This is where we can help you! Bring yourself and your business to new heights! How is this workshop different? We take a neuroscientific approach to understanding your personality. The workshop will introduce you to core personality traits that primarily influence an individual with the help of experiential learning activities! This will enable you to identify your patterns of behaviors, thoughts and actions which impacts your personal and professional life. You will also have the opportunity to speak to our personality experts, who will analyze your core personality and uncover hidden insights to guide you on the path to success! You will not only get a comprehensive understanding of YOUR personality, but also know HOW it can be transformed. Covered in the workshop: • Introduction to the various aspects of ‘personality’ • How personality development can impact your life • The science behind personality and its formation • Understand your personality traits through fun activities • Discover Your Personality - Identify and understand your unique personality • Personality Analysis session with a personality expert • Road-map towards sustainable growth and success *You will be able to schedule your sessions post the workshop **The personality analysis and road-map will not be available with the Experience Package (includes only the workshop) Anyone who would like to explore their personality is welcome! PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT HERE: https://www.townscript.com/e/discover-your-personality-your-road-to-success Discovery Sessions Spread across 2 sessions (each session will be for 60 minutes), the mentors will provide you with a personalized, in-depth analysis on the core traits that are influencing your behaviour and their impact on your personal, as well as professional life. You will be guided on how you can develop your core traits to help you achieve your goals. This will be a more holistic session whereas the personality analysis session focuses only on personality. Express Personality Analysis This is a personalized, 30-minute session with a Personality Expert to discover and understand your personality. You will receive quick insights on what role it is playing in your path towards success and how it can worked upon. The session will be based on the results of the app-based assessment tool we have created. Road Map Trace your current personality traits, areas that need to be improved, and individualized steps towards personality development, with specific time frame to map your growth.

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Personal Growth: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success

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