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Hello from Richard...

Do you agree to do things, then regret it later?

Can you ask for things, without feeling guilty?

Can you speak up in a group?

When you are embarrassed, or angry, can you still function effectively?

Do you promote yourself with impact, or with an apology?

Can you be playful and proud at the same time?


I started this group in April 2012 in order to publicise the various courses that I run in Leeds. Some of these courses are free, some are at a very nominal price (£1 - £5), and some are at a more commercial price.


I got interested in Assertiveness Training in my late 20's: I had thought of myself as a fairly confident person, but then I saw a TV programme on Channel 4, with Anne Dickson and Andrew Sachs, called 'Assert yourself!' It really made me think about how I would stop myself from putting my point across to people, or else how I might get into blaming the world for my problems, instead of taking responsibility for my development.

See yourself on video!
Some of the courses that I run give you the chance to see exactly how you come across to other people whilst you are putting a message across. It could simply be you standing up making an announcement about a meeting time, but you'll get the chance to assess your body language and how you use your voice.


Know yourself

The co-counsellling that I do is something really special that I discovered via a friend in 1992...
(NB. it's very different to normal counselling e.g. no one gets paid, and both people share time as 'counsellor' and 'client'. And no one will counsel you.)

When I first joined Co-Counselling International (CCI) it had a big impact on how I viewed myself, and how I held back from relating authentically with the world. What I got most when I joined this network was a sense of freedom to be myself, to be playful, and t have permission to explore inside myself without being disapproved of if I found something unpleasant.

I eventually learned to give expression to the joy inside me, as well as explore the more difficult and sometimes hidden sides: anger, shame, grief. I learned that it’s OK to cry, to sing, to dance, to yawn, to celebrate, to be quiet, to NOT know.


Hear from other people on YouTube.com and read other people’s stories: go to YouTube and search on 'co-counselling'.

Find out a whole lot more about this wonderful world at http://www.co-counselling.co.uk

Richard Mills
BA, BSc, UKRC RIC, Senior BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist, CCI Trainer

Office 6
Oakwood House
637 Roundhay Road
tel: 0113 219 5526
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'Know Yourself!' Co-Counselling Free Taster

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'Know Yourself!' Co-Counselling Free Taster

Needs a location

'Know Yourself!' Co-Counselling Free Taster

Needs a location

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