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The Association of Black Humanists (ABH), formally London Black Atheists (LBA), welcomes you all. Our mission is to support and encourage all people, particularly those from the African Diaspora, who are Freethinkers, Non-believers, Atheists and of course, Humanists. If you are questioning religion and want to meet like-minded people, then ABH is the group for you.

It is well documented that for social and historical reasons religion has become an intrinsic part of African and African-Caribbean people’s lives, thus making it extremely difficult to leave religion or to come out as a non-believer. ABH provides a confidential, friendly, welcoming and supportive environment for people who want to liberate their minds from the restrictive thinking of religion, but are wary of receiving a hostile reaction from their family and friends, leaving them isolated with no one to turn to and nowhere to go. Our belief in freedom and equality for all is deeply rooted in ethical humanist values, scepticism and reason.

ABH have meetups for serious discussions on a wide range of topics connected to beliefs, science, social issues, religion, race, sexuality and gender amongst other things. We actively seek to advance our understanding of our stunning, incredible universe, from a natural perspective. A universe that does not need a supernatural creator to explain it's existence, nor how it functions. We also meetup socially for fun, entertainment and outings, everyone is welcome to join us.

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New Members and ABH Social - ONLINE EVENT

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New Members and ABH Social - In Person

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African Economic Development - The Impact of Cooperatives! (External event)

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Should Black Freethinkers Care About Organised Humanism? By Christopher Ejugbo

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