• Family Constellation - Week 1 - Accepting our Ancestors and receiving Blessings

    When we start our journey of self realization, we learn we need to work on our self and work inwards. Almost all the modalities teach how to sit with self, in silence, in retrospect, in meditation and to peel off layers of baggage we have had over the years within us. Family Constellation is one modality that needs work on family level enabling to heal not just our self but the entire family and multiple generations. It is observed that the 7 generations before us and 7 generation ahead of us and our sibling line are healed along with us. Each one of us are an aggregate of our parents and our own self. Our parents of their parents and so on. We receive the good and bad from our parents. We benefit from the good passed on to us and unknowingly get entangled in the bad. During a Family constellation session, we are made aware of what works in our favor and enhance it and what hinders our soul growth and in healing them. Let’s understand how it help with an example. Sam, 30yrs, have been always struggling to makes ends meet each month and unable to keep a stable job. He had been constantly in and out of small jobs that paid just enough to survive. He came for a session with the desire to have financial security and to have some stability in life. When asked about his family history, it was found that he have heard stories of how his grandparents struggled after coming to this country after escaping poverty in their native land. During the constellation, we found that his grandfather and great grand father (father’s father and grand father) both lived their life in poverty. We learnt that his great grandfather was once a rich man and was cheated of his life savings by a trusted business partner leading into bankruptcy and a poorer lifestyle. Grandfather lived him life in poverty thinking that’s how we need to live our life. Father and now Sam followed the same sub-conscious pattern. In the knowing field, Sam kept hugging his great grandfather and wanting to lie down next to him. It was clearly visible that he is following the fate of his dead great grandfather. The entanglement of blind love was corrected here, and healing statements were spoken. All the parties felt peace at the end of the constellation. Sam reported three months later that he is in a steady job with all benefits and he have been able to save more than he ever has in those three months. Sometimes our way of belonging is to suffer like those who came before us. One may become entangled in the difficult fate of an ancestor and unconsciously draw unhappiness, failure, addiction or illness into one’s life. Sam’s case showed a perfect example of this entanglement. Family Constellation allows us to empower one to their highest being with the support of our ancestors. Healing your Ancestor means Healing You because they live through you. Each week as we shed a layer that no longer serves us, we move towards acceptance and self love and self awareness. For doing so, we start with meeting and knowing and acknowledging our Ancestors. And by doing so, we accept their blessings to empower us.