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What we’re about

A full stack developer is someone who is proficient in all layers of computer software development, including servers and databases (aka 'back-end'), web pages and user interfaces (aka 'front-end'), mobile, hardware, and whatever else you throw at us. We are the mentors, inventors, big picture thinkers, multi tools of the Internet.

The Astoria Full Stack Meetup is focused on helping its members to learn and share knowledge about all aspects of web and software development. Our goal is to help build up the Astoria tech community and cross-pollinate skills and knowledge. Are you a programmer, UI/UX designer, front-end developer, IOT enthusiast, or all of the above? Want to be? Are you just interested in hanging out with fellow developers and getting some tech things moving locally? This group is for you! 

Are you a recruiter or someone looking for people to work on your app/website/etc? Please be respectful and contact the organizer about sponsoring a meeting or event. Sponsors will get a logo on our site and 5 minutes to make a pitch at the meetup they sponsor.