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We have infinite curiosity about food in different culture. Particularly, what regular people are cooking and eating at home in all over the world. For instance, there are many Japanese restaurants in NYC, but the food you order at Japanese restaurants and the food Japanese people cook at home are very different. We don't make sushi at home, or we don't do Japanese tea ceremony at home. I am eager to know what Indian people (I know it's a big country and food varies a lot regionally) are eating at home, what kind of food Chinese people eat for breakfast at home, etc. We live in NYC, and there are many people from different cultural backgrounds. We should take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Let's know more about different food culture! Let's exchange information about your favorite ethnic grocery stores, authentic restaurants or quick recipes. Anyone who is interested in home cooking is welcome. If you can contribute recipes, that's wonderful, but even if you can't, that's OK. Let's expand our knowledge of different food and develop our taste buds. Everyone is welcome, including all sorts of Americans, Asians, South Americans, Middle Easterners, Europeans, etc.

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Boogie on the Boulevard 2019

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Chelsea Infirnity Block Fair

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Let's Ferment! -- Fermentation of the World

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