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What we’re about

Are you a working professional or college student who prefers the company of other geeks? Do you find yourself frequently wishing there was some sort of watering hole for people like you who watch Adult Swim, revel in the joys of DDR/video games, read esoteric books, and indulge shamelessly in intelligent debate? Do you hate hipsters with an undying passion? Do you need people to drink shamelessly with in order to summon the courage to get on stage to croon in front of a large crowd of karaoke goers? Do you long to participate in well-planned out of town ADVENTURES?????

Then this is the group for you!!!

This is an open group, and anyone is allowed to join, but I am looking for interesting and like-minded people who want to leave the safety of their apartment to meet new people, sans pretension, sans judgment, and sans the word sans.

Join today and get a free badge on your first meeting! Or not... Badge making takes a lot of work.