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Would like to learn real skills, which you can apply in life. Face to face small group training and meetups with related subjects. Learn from the masters. Be amazed about life! Check this site for more information:

We are seeking members who are interested in these topics.

We are founded on Dec 25, 2018

We offer Astral Projection, Remote Viewing (And "Third eye" is part of Remote Viewing course), and Time Travel courses. And others... like Exorcism, Spells (basic white and black magic), Ghost topic course for effective trainings.

We also offer, meetups like Astral projection meet up (get all your questions answered), Remote viewing by meditation, Exorcism, Ghost topics meetups. Some topics are about the aliens!

Want to learn from true experts? Get real answers? Instead of blind leading blind? Professional psychic wants to take your skills to next level? Or you are simply interest in these topics, or just curious about these? or want to know new knowledge? Come to these meetups. All are welcome!

***Most meetups has some type of fee involved is because we do provide refreshment in meetups and bottle water, and there is after meetup cleaning up. Meetup space setting up. But the good news is...Parking is free.***

(For ladies, I want you to know that the meetup rooms are very clean and location is in a very safe environment. If you need to come to the meetup by yourself, you are very safe.)

We are located in Brentwood, NY

*Easy access by cars (easy parking) and near Brentwood Train station, walkable distance, around 8 minutes walk (if you are coming from Manhattan, it is "one hour" comfortable, scenry ride. If snows, transportation can be arranged for pick up from train station, or train station has many taxi standby at all time for service too). If from long Island, Brentwood is in the middle of long Island. If from out of state, MacArthur airport (15 minute car ride) and LaGuardia and JFK is 30 minute Uber car ride). And comfortable, clean, modern meetup rooms.

A bit of history: We used to have meetup set up in Manhattan, members come from all directions include out of states. Now we have moved to Long Island where we can have more space.

** Please tell all your friends who are interested in these topics and spread words among them and join us. So you will never feel alone in this world. And learning these knowledge, not yet many human known about. This is your chance to explore what are beyond this earth.

Welcome! You are one step ahead of human kind.

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Astral Projection Course

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Astral Projection Course Who should attend? ​ ​ You want to learn this skill. Want to travel beyond the earth. You want to be a superhuman. You want to meet someone who is deceased face to face. Curious about what is this all about. Get answers of where we came from and where we will go after death. Meet others in other dimensions. Want to be a seer. New knowledge to learn. Professional psychic wants to take your skills to next level. What you will learn from this course: ​Purpose of Astral Projection Who are famous with practicing Astral Projection: The origin of astral projection The secret of human Birth and Astral Projection Tunnel for the soul Human Birth- where the Soul enters How to exit? The “positions” to exit What to wear? How can you tell you exited What will you see Different sizes of astrals What is OUT- Of- Body The difference between OBE and Astral Projection Project to where you would think it is safe first--like “your own bedroom” What if you are invisible or partial body when project out Astral body is “weightless” 12 layers of sky Levels of universe Where is heaven Where is hell The difference between Dream and Astral Projection What human see your astral while in space What is faster than the light What is GOD (the creator) How to communicate in astral “Invisible” cord or not When you encounter “trouble” during the astral How to fight difficulty in astral How to come back at will If it does not work, what to do The Secrets of Death What is ghost Astral Sex How to project at will How to stay “lucid” during astral travel How to project to other dimensions How to find the “deceased” and meet them Astral Projection – Dos Astral Projection -- DON’Ts Common Mistake concepts about astral projection Target astral projection The master will give you blessing to ease your practice Random projections How to stop astral projection This is a great course for those members who is serious able learning this skill. You will know knowledge beyond human. In Buddhism, when they mentioned "Enlightenment!" This is actually asking the monks if they are able to astral project to Buddha land (Pure land). But with us, you can go and visit dimensions while you have a human body. Once you learn this skill, will open your eyes and change your view about life forever. Want to be a superhuman? Come to this course! $200/person. Further details, you can refer to these links: https://masterastralprojec.wixsite.com/realskills https://masterastralprojec.wixsite.com/realskills/read-before-attend https://masterastralprojec.wixsite.com/realskills/faq https://masterastralprojec.wixsite.com/realskills/press You are welcome to bring a guest or guests. (They will have equal amount of fee at the door. Please specify numbers when making reservation.) (Seating is limited, we suggest you make reservation early.) Any question you can message me on this meetup site. If you ever encounter problem when making reservation, please let me know, so I can correct them. Check this meetup photos, for parking and location instruction. Warmest Welcome! Janie

Astral Projection Discussion Meetup

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All subjects about astral projection, and share your own stories with other members. Questions and answers. $25/person, pay at the door. https://masterastralprojec.wixsite.com/realskills

How to become a Sucessful Real Estate investor!

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After many years of successful real estate investing. We thought we will have a course in Real Estate investing. These are the subjects you can learn: How to start Real Estate investing for beginners? How to start small to big? How to buy real estates, tricks to "sure win"? How to judge a piece of real estate worth investing? How do you place offers on real estates? "Short sale", regular sale and auction properties. What is difference between "Co op" and "Condo" apartment? Tricks to place real estate offers. The art of haggling? Contractors? Do it yourself projects. How to self learn construction skills. How to tell if contractors make mistakes? Town and city code and restrictions? How to sell a real estate and save yourself commissions? How rent out a property? How to choose good tenants? How to evict a tenant in court when you need to? Tenant, landlord court tricks to win? To sell or to rent out? To "flip" or to "keep" properties? Ticks of flipping a property. $50/person Very useful knowledge, those real estate gurus do not want you to know. Comprehensive, inspiring, and life transforming. Weather you are interested in real estate or want to get in these business as a real estate investor. This is the best class for you! Make reservation early, seats are limited.

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How to become a Psychic!

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