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Price: $200.00 /per person
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For those members are interested. Remote Viewing Course
Who should attend?

1. Want to be a seer.
2. Want to view beyond distance.
3. Want to view beyond time.
4. Want to be a psychic.
5. Want to be better viewing of others.
6. Find out facts.
7. Who wants to have a X-ray eyes.

What will you learn in this course:

* The Origin of Remote Viewing
* Who is famous with Remote Viewing?
* The purpose of remote viewing
* The purpose of Third Eye
* How to “activate” the Third eye?
* How to achieve the Third eye?
* The “Third Eye” is able to expand in distance
* The Third eye and the Crystal ball
* The differences between Remote Viewing & Third eye
* How many types of Remote Viewing?
* "Target" or "Random" Remote Viewing?
* Universe Remote Viewings
* Time difference of viewings
* Remote viewing by meditation
* How to send out a Remote Viewing
* How not to be spotted when you're viewing them?
* Ways of displaying “remote viewing images”
* How to tell if you are being remote viewed?
* How to "Counter" Remote Viewing?
* How to “turn down” a Remote Viewing
* How to made the Viewing images to stay longer
* Remote Viewing images do not lie
* How to sharpen the images
* The “Third Party Remote-Viewing”
* Remote Viewing helping tools
* How to locate a lost person
* How to see if the person is alive or not
* How Nostradamus find his prediction method
* Method of how?
* Spy work
* How to have “accurate” and “no error” Remote Viewing
* Golden Compass

To get the full benefits of this course, Astral projection course is needed before this course.

$200/person (Please pay at the door)

***Seating is limited, please make reservation early.***