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Welcome to the Astrology, Inner Alchemy, and Esoterica meetup group of South Florida! This is the official meetup group of the Esoteric Science Institute. Whether you are just looking to learn meditation, are interested in Shamanism, want to study Gnostic teachings or are already an advanced student of Astrology, we have something for you!

We offer higher education and advanced training in a wide variety of different subjects, mainly focusing on the esoteric sciences:

Esoteric physics, cosmology and philosophy.

Pure mathematics, sacred geometry, numerology and symbolism.

Jungian, transpersonal and esoteric psychology.

Neuroscience and subtle anatomy.

Meditation, esoteric yoga practices, qi gong, tantra and Taoist energy cultivation techniques.

Alchemy and astrology.

Philosophies of various schools of mysticism and occult science as well as methods of practice.

Exploration of higher states of consciousness, the subtle planes and hyperspace through different techniques such as various methods of meditation, ecstatic trance, lucid dreaming, astral projection and shamanic techniques.

Please check in regularly for updates on upcoming meetup groups, classes, workshops, and new courses in your area.

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