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Join Jessica Adams for YouTube Premieres and Zoom events worldwide on New York-friendly time zones. Special guests include some of the world's best-loved astrologers and Tarot readers.

We welcome all individuals to the Astrology and Tarot America group, the basic requirement is simply that you share your first and last name along with a current image of yourself in order to join.

NEW: PLUS from 2023 onwards in the month of the event you will need to be a member of www.jessicaadams.com site so you can access the Zoom registration details (which are posted 1 month prior to the event taking place).

The Zoom registration details will be posted onto Jessica's website in an area requiring login to access. This change has been made to address the issue that some MeetUp members are experiencing i.e. not getting the MeetUp generated emails advising on registration details. The events will still be for a limited number of guests.

Upcoming events (2)

The Conscious Café featuring Jessica Adams: Your Astrology and Tarot for 2023

Join Jessica at The Conscious Café online for true predictions from 2022 and new predictions for 2023. World events, Sun Sign forecasts for every zodiac sign and a personal Tarot reading.

To attend you need to head to this site and purchase a ticket: https://consciouscafe.org/event/your-astrology-and-tarot-for-2023%E2%80%A8-with-jessica-adams

This event is scheduled to begin at 10:30am London time (UTC) which will be 5:30am in New York. To find out the time of the event where you are located, please check https://www.timeanddate.com

Watch Jessica Adams’ most recent ConsciousCafe event on YouTube: https://youtu.be/xEvk0YI-RSU

Your ticket price includes a recording of the event. Tickets range from earlybird bookings £7.06 to £11.37 on the day. We look forward to seeing you there, thank you.

The Astrology Collective: Pluto Into Aquarius featuring Astrologer Jessica Adams

The Astrology Collective
Pluto Into Aquarius
February 5th and 12th 2023

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023, transforming one area of your life in a cycle you have never experienced. On a global level, people power is about to replace the elite.

If you have factors in Aquarius, your social life, friendships and group involvements are about to become influential. And so might you.

Whatever your chart looks like, Jessica will look at your solar and natal horoscope at this event, answer questions for Premium Members of her website in an accompanying feature - and invite you to draw a Tarot card to read on the day.

To attend you must visit Astrology Collective website and purchase a ticket here:

To make it easier for everyone to attend, Jessica will be giving the Zoom talk on two different dates and times*: Cost: $20.00 Non-Members, $15.00 Astrology Collective Members*

Talk 1. February 5, 2023, 5pm (Perth time), Adelaide 7:30pm, AEST, Brisbane 7pm Melbourne, Sydney etc. 8pm, New Zealand 10pm, London 9am, Belgium, 10am
Talk 2. February 12, 7pm New York (EDT), 4pm Los Angeles (PDT), February 13, 2023, 11 am Hobart.

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