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Many still think that Astrology is a tool to check what is going to happen in the future (more or less the same way the meteo tells the weather forecasts) or to provide a simple Sun sign astrology love compatibility, as popularized by the media.

Although there is some merit in the Sun sign classification, the information that it yields is too vague and misleading, because all astrological symbology contained within a chart must be taken in consideration.

The Astrological profiling focuses on the project of life (Sun sign), the communication style (Mercury), the relationship preferences (Venus), the inner drive (Mars) and the emotional make-up (Moon)…etc.

Meetings are structured in an initial introduction where we discuss a chosen topic followed by a second more interactive session, where we analyse practical cases.

As astrology is a huge territory to discover, we will focus on self-discovering and on understanding relationships, either harmonious or disharmonious. No relationship is “unsuccessful” as such…it may indeed be painful, but useful as each partner lives out his-her destiny as designed.

Our meetings are open to all astrology enthusiasts, or just people who would just like to learn more about the subject, from the novice to the adept. Everyone is welcome, and all who attend will learn something new and interesting at each meeting.

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Astrologie meeting

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[Online] Astrology dynamics in love relationships

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The moon and its smybols

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