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Beginners, amateur and novice photographers looking to join a group for night astrophotography sessions, based out of the Phoenix area. We will coordinate and plan small group excursions in and around the Phoenix area. Dark desert skies in Arizona means not having to travel very far to get great photos of the stars in our desert skies.

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Astrophotography Workshop

Skyline Regional Park

I received this email a couple of days ago. I can't make it as I am working on this date but anyone interested can feel free to contact this guy. This is all I know about this. I am a Recreation Coordinator for the City of Buckeye, Recreation Division - Skyline Regional Park. I am reaching out to see if you can help get the word out to your club members about a free Astrophotography Workshop that is being offered at the Park on 4/27 starting at 7pm. Visit: https://goo.gl/nFSo7M­ for more info and to complete the required advance registration. Any help you can provide with this would be much appreciated. Thanks, Adam Melle ([masked];[masked]

Flagstaff Milky Way Shoot

Wupatki National Monument

For now, this is a place holder. The "high level" plan is to drive up to Flagstaff and shoot in the Wupatki National Monument at night. The Milky Way rises right after Astronomical Sunset, around 9:30, and will be up for a LONG time. If I can't get a special use permit, I'll figure something else out up there or in Sedona. I haven't dealt with the park up there for a special use permit, so it might have to be capped. Heck they might not even care. There are many sites at Wupatki. I'll probably make a "Scouting" trip up there in May to find suitable sites not too far from the road. I'll post that trip when it comes if people want to join on a day trip up there. There is risk the date might slide a little later in the month since the following weekend I'll be doing that photo tour at Kartchner Caverns

Scum Devil Fireworks!

North Shore Beach

Yeah, this is way out in the future. It's more of a placeholder, I am pretty sure this will be a night game. While this isn't Astrophotography, it's a night shoot. Keep in mind, they haven't released game times yet, so this might shift around a little. So, in the unfortunate event the Arizona Sun Devil Football Team scores a touchdown, they launch fireworks during the night games for the rare and occasional celebration. The only good that can come out of the Scum Devil's scoring is a good photo of the Mill Avenue Bridge. I should have a "friend" that wastes his money and gets admitted into the stadium that will send me texts in the unlikely event they will score. Another nice shot is of the State Farm building. I say we have fun on this one. Since it's a lot of sitting around, let's make it a small potluck. I'll bring a small table. Bring chairs, since it's a lot of sitting and waiting for the impossible to happen. Bring a portfolio too and we can have a critique (My rule, if you say something bad, you offer a suggestion and a positive comment, keep it nice), gear talk (there will be no bashing of different brands, everyone is proud of their gear, respect that), and discuss techniques for night shooting. I'll be glad to demo my cell phone applications and go over how I setup and do my planned shoots. This is an equal opportunity event, Sun Devil fans are welcome and will not be discriminated (too much) against.

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Astrophotography in the Supersitions

Lost Dutchman State Park

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