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What we’re about

The ATHEIST COMMUNITY OF ROCHESTER is an OASIS, safe from a world of magical thinking. Members can relax surrounded by fellow free-thinkers, agnostics, humanists and other like-minded people. Everyone is welcome.

We have a monthly meeting every third Thursday at the Old Toad, 277 Alexander St., between 6 and 9 PM.
We have a book club and we have educational meetups. We have a "secular explorers club" for hikes and field trips etc.

Help ACOR grow! Support our outreach and education efforts, as we schedule interesting speakers and raise our profile in Rochester and the surrounding area.

Our Mission & Vision
The Mission of the Atheist Community of Rochester is to promote a positive perception of Atheism and to bring the local secular community together.

We envision the Atheist Community of Rochester becoming the preeminent secular organization in the region, providing a safe haven and a much-needed public voice for the rapidly growing non-theist demographic.

no dues are required for this Meetup.
we depend on donations from our members to cover our expenses.
These include: $200+ per year, Zoom fee $149.90/year, outreach programs and special events such as outside speakers and marches, picnics, and special celebrations etc.
Section 2.1 of's Terms of Service specifies that individuals must be at least 18 years old to use their service. However, parents are encouraged to bring their children to any of our family-friendly outdoor meetups. We look forward to welcoming you into our group and sharing our individual stories with you. We are very supportive and great listeners whenever you want to share with us.
Rochester has a rich history of skepticism and free-thought associated with it. The Free-Thought Trail includes many sites in and around Rochester. These include the Frederick Douglas Homesite, the Susan B. Anthony house, Emma Goldman homesite and many others. The Center for Inquiry and the National Women’s Hall of Fame are within easy driving distance for a day trip.
visit our facebook page: Atheist Community of Rochester