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What we’re about

Serious Learning for Serious Atheists

Atheist Scholars Meetup is a monthly book club for Atheists who are serious about learning from a free-thinking, post-religious, and atheistic perspective, while building long-term friendships. 

We don't admit people who don't self-identify as Atheists. Our group is for those who have already completed their journey to atheism and are building upon it as an intellectual foundation.

If you self-identify as an Atheist, you are invited to apply for membership by clicking on the link below. Meetings are now held online on the 4th Tuesday of every month, from 7:00 to 9:30 pm. The required membership dues are $20 every six months to cover Meetup costs.

Our meeting format consists of a review and discussion of a selected book that has a strong appeal to Atheists in a rich context of science, philosophy, sociology, history, and/or psychology.  All books will have a distinct atheistic or free-thinking perspective, i.e., they were written by and for Atheists or “Nones”. This is not a science or philosophy book club. A book based solely on a scientific or philosophical topic might be very interesting but does not serve the purpose of our Atheist Scholar Meetup

In fairness to everyone attending who expects to have a meaningful discussion and productive learning experience, you must have read the chosen book prior to attending each meeting. We want active participants who can add to our discussion. Most books chosen are also available as audiobooks.

The next book we read is chosen by consensus among those members attending the prior meeting. 


Calling oneself an Atheist is just the beginning, not the end, of a life-long journey of learning, dialog, and discovery. The Atheist Scholars Meetup group raises the standard among local Atheist groups by building a private membership focused on serious learning in a harmonious environment. By “Scholars”, we mean serious students of Atheism. Maybe you have been reluctant to join an Atheist group in the past or maybe you are just not interested in what the other groups in our area have to offer.

Atheist Scholars is for those who appreciate the value of exchanging ideas with a like-minded group and who enjoy asking “why” more than claiming to know “because.” It’s for committed lifelong learners looking for an impressive group of smart friends to share in intellectual discussions in a supportive atmosphere.

If you call yourself an Atheist, are a lifelong learner who is not gullible enough to believe in conspiracy theories, and you see the benefits of a Meetup group that offers serious book discussions with order and civility, please apply for membership in Atheist Scholars


If you wish to apply to join the Atheist Scholars Meetup group, click on the button below or click here. If you have questions about our group, please visit our FAQ page.

Norm Cohen

Founder and Organizer

If you are interested in learning more about the many topics related to Atheism, is an excellent resource for you!