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Hello wonderful big data developers and enthusiasts.

We are happy to announce our first event of 2017 and we are really excited that Dean Wampler Ph.D. from Lightbend, will give a talk on streaming processing concepts, problems and solutions.

Our venue is the auditorium on the ground floor of ALBA Graduate Business School. The venue has around 110 seats but there is space for people to stand as well. Please RSVP early but do remember to keep your RSVP up to date to allow other people who would like to attend a chance to come if your plans change.

We are really looking forward to seeing you there.
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Fast Data explained (by Dean Wampler)

Big data started with an emphasis on batch-oriented architectures, where data is captured in large, scalable stores, then processed using batch jobs. To reduce the gap between data arrival and information extraction, these architectures are now evolving to be stream oriented, where data is processed as it arrives. Fast data is the new buzz word.

What streaming means in the context of four axes of concern:

• Low latency: How low?

• High volume: How high?

• Integration with other tools: Which ones and how?

• Data processing: What kinds? In bulk? As individual events?

Dean will consider specific examples of streaming tools and how they fit on these axes, including heavy hitters in the data world, such as Spark, Flink, Beam, and Kafka as a "backbone".

Speaker's Profile

Dean Wampler (, Ph.D. is the Big Data Architect for fast data products at Lightbend (, where he specializes in scalable, distributed big data and streaming systems using tools like Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, and Kafka. Dean is the author of Programming Scala ( and Functional Programming for Java Developers ( and the coauthor of Programming Hive (, all from O’Reilly Media. He is a contributor to several open source projects and the co-organizer of several conferences around the world and several user groups in Chicago. Dean can be found on Twitter as @deanwampler (


7:00-7:30 - Socialising
7:30-7:35 - Welcome & group announcements
7:35-8:25 - Talk
8:25-8:35 - QA
8:35++ - Casual drinks and pizzas

Want to speak at Athens Big Data?

We are always looking for speakers for our meetups. If you would like to give a talk this year please contact with Adrianos, Stavros or Euangelos.


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