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This is a group for tech freaks that are interested in Kubernetes, CI/CD, Container Orchestration, Microkernels, Unikernels and Cloud Native applications.

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Kubernetes Athens vol18

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We are happy to announce the 18th Athens Kubernetes Meetup. Jim Ntosas will tell us about: "NextGen Kubernetes Management with ClusterAPI and GitOps".

Abstract: Almost a decade after Kubernetes was born, and still, one of the hardest parts remains to be the complexity of provisioning clusters and managing their lifecycle. Industry surveys, community, and ChatGPT agree on this being a PITA. Even with the introduction of managed services like EKS and GKE, when going to scale or implementing multi-cluster setups, the operational effort seems huge for a lot of organizations and teams.

In this presentation, we are about to showcase a pattern aiming to reduce this burden and make Kubernetes management boring. Utilizing technologies like ClusterAPI and GitOps, we discuss how to simplify, automate, and optimize cluster(s) maintenance. A live demo will take place to check in real-time how to create, upgrade and finally delete a fleet of k8s clusters, in a few minutes with just a bunch of lines of code.

About our speaker: Jim Ntosas is a Cloud Native Architect with a background in building systems for a diverse range of industries like Telco, Fintech and Ride-Hailing. Having worked on different scales and patterns, from early start-ups to big enterprises, he carries a lot of horror stories to share and tries to make buzzwords like resiliency, scalability, and usability a reality. His passion is designing and implementing platforms built to run on cloud infrastructure and believes that Kubernetes is the magic glue to make that happen. Member of Kubernetes Organization and contributor to several open-source projects like Istio, Cilium, Kops, and ClusterAPI. When not writing code, he enjoys books, travels, cooking and skiing.

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Kubernetes Athens vol17

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