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What This Philosophy Meetup Group is About

This small informal group will investigate the fundamental ideas of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in order to help us all make better, more informed LIFE CHOICES today. The group maintains that philosophy should be regarded for the most part as a 'practical' pursuit related to how we live our lives, and not just an intellectual or academic subject which only discusses abstract ideas. Philosophical discussion and contemplation should be seen as a prelude to making positive decisions in our personal lives - and the lives of the communities and cities we live in.

Regular short programs of talks (and walks) will be offered in central Athens at various times of the year. (These talks are currently offered in English)

Talks are usually offered free of charge for people who come along in keeping with the Socratic tradition and usually last about 45 minutes with time for questions afterwards. No previous formal or academic study of philosophy is needed to come along and enjoy the talks: everyone over 18 years old is welcome. (At the same time, more experienced philosophers are of course also welcome.)

Talks are usually held at informal bar-restaurant venues, or at inspiring parts of Athens. Come and see how it is - there is no ‘signing up’ or membership stuff. This meetup.com 'group' is simply a way of letting people know when a talk has been arranged - and what it is about - so people can attend if they wish.

The Next Talk - March / April 2019 - Details to be announced via meetup.com soon

Some Extra General Information for Members:


If you make an RSVP for a talk - and then for some reason change your mind or cannot come – no problem. However, please try to cancel your RSVP on meetup.com so that someone else can book one of the places for a specific talk if they want to come. (Space at some venues is quite limited - and some talks are designed for smaller informal groups "Socratic style" (rather than big lecture style) and so places are deliberately limited. As good philosophers – please show consideration to the rest of the group, and try to remember to cancel your RSVP if you change your mind about attending a talk.

The Socrates4Today Blog

Occasional articles and information is posted on the blog socrates4today (https://socrates4today.blogspot.com/) if you would like some further reading around 'real' Greek philosophy.

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‘Aristotle– and the Importance of Happiness’ (This Meetup Is Now Confirmed)

Cafe Bar Athineon Politia / Αθηναίων Πολιτεία. (www.athinaionpoliteia.com)

Plato’s book The Phaedo – An Introduction by James

Cafe Bar Athineon Politia / Αθηναίων Πολιτεία. (www.athinaionpoliteia.com)

Plato's PHAEDRUS - An introduction by James

Cafe Bar Athineon Politia / Αθηναίων Πολιτεία. (www.athinaionpoliteia.com)

An informal talk: 'The Nuts and Bolts of Plato'

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