iOS Release Pipeline and Refactoring AVAudio in Swift

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We are excited to announce our 4th Athens iOS Meetup that will be the last for this season. It take place on Tuesday June 12 @ 18:30 at Advantage FSE premises (map:

In this meetup, Markos will show us a real world iOS Release Pipeline and Iason will tell us about his experience Refactoring Apple's AudioEngine to Swift.

During the break you can enjoy free beer & pizza offered by Advantage FSE and socialize.

More details on each talk can be found bellow.

1) iOS Release Pipeline (Markos Charatzas)

Description: A real world example of a distributed, in-house, release pipeline using Jenkins in an enterprise workspace. Get an inside look on how a basic Jenkins installation to automate building, testing and releasing an iOS app evolved to a sophisticated setup to support different environments, multiple configurations and 3rd party library integrations.

Bio: Markos has been at the helm at both Tesco Bank and Soldo to deliver their iPhone apps. He has a software engineering background, experienced in iOS and Java EE. He is the human that conceived, designed, implemented, funded and brought to life Windmill.

Personal page:
Windmill Project:

2) Refactoring Apple's AudioEngine to Swift (Iason Michailidis)

Description: Learning about AVAudio, by refactoring Apple's example app.

Bio: iOS developer at Stonesoup

P.S. We have an open invitation for anyone interested to speak at the next or any future meetup. More information at