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Testing and Automating Versioning

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We are really excited to announce the first iOS Meetup for this season. It will take place on Wednesday October 10 @ 18:30 at Advantage FSE premises (map:

In this meetup, Kostas will 'Test the waters of iOS' and Aris will talk about Automating versioning.

More details on each talk can be found bellow.

★ Testing the waters of iOS (Kostas Kremizas)

Description: In this talk we are going tο… talk about what unit testing is, how you can apply it to ensure your code works as expected and how TDD can help you write new and refactor existing code. Also about how to decide what to test and how you can test real world iOS apps. Finally, we will go through a few tips and tricks that made unit testing in Swift and Xcode 'click' for me and can hopefully help you too.

Bio: Kostas is the Mobile Tech Lead at Workable and previously at e-Food. He likes staring at a screen all day, recognising emerging patterns in formations of pixels and moving them around to make them symmetrical (a.k.a refactoring). He thinks talking about one's self in third person is quite peculiar and likes to make silly meta jokes in short bios.

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★ Automating versioning (Aris Sarris)

Description: Seemingly simple problems usually cause massive headaches. e.g. versioning.
Major.Minor.Patch along with a constantly increasing number is apparently the solution. But how do you handle such a challenge among several release branches, with teams working in parallel and delivering apps to QA/clients on hourly basis?
A hands-on presentation solving a “simple” problem using a not-that-commonly-used feature of Xcode.

Bio: iOS Tech Lead @ Advantage FSE, Aris is a go-to guy. Startup mentality with a pinch of corporate obsession in architectures.
Loves git flow & whiteboards.

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During the break you can enjoy free 🍺 & 🍕 offered by Advantage FSE and socialize, while during the event photographs will be taken in order to share in our Social Media pages.

We will also give away as door prizes:
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