What we're about

Each person has their own personal "spiritual entourage", a group of beings that join us on our journeys throughout our lives. Some stay with us throughout our lives, and some come and go. The entourage changes as we change. Like attracts like... as we change our energy, so does the entourage change.

The purpose of this Mediumship Development Circle is to become more aware of the beings that surround us, including deceased loved ones, spirit guides and other helpers, and to receive messages for ourselves and others in our circle. We will share meditation techniques to assist us in raising our rates of vibration, so that we can meet our spirit friends halfway, rather than expecting them to come all the way down to meet us on the Earth plane. The more we raise our vibrations and enjoy the higher planes of existence, the more our entourage continues to include higher beings to help us along our paths in life.

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