What we're about

This meetup group will cover many aspects of sound healing: using our voices, overtone singing, crystal singing bowls, drums, shakers, didgeridoo, tuning forks, chimes, flute, piano, and any other instruments that we wish to try! We'll explore singing happy songs, reciting beautiful poems, drums circles, playing instruments, and chanting sounds that are non-religious in nature, like aaa, mmm, nnn, sss, ooo, eee, etc. It doesn't need to be a word that means anything, it just needs to be a sweet sound with good intentions. Making the sounds helps us to establish peace, raise our vibrations, and amplify our energy. And making sounds from a state of peace continues to build that energy, encompassing more, healing ourselves and others, and clearing and energizing the spaces that we occupy.

One example of a group singing together to build energy is Kirtan, a Hindu devotional singing tradition where a leader or one group sings a line and the followers or the other group repeat the same line, back and forth, same line or set of lines, building the energy, building the peace and love. It often leads to a feeling of floating away, into another space and time, a heavenly place, Shambala, the crystal city of light, or whatever name you wish to call it, a gathering of peaceful, loving souls including higher beings, spirit guides, historical enlightened masters, a vastness of beings great and small, celebrating existence and wishing the best for all of us here on Earth. Other examples include drum circles, Christmas caroling, chanting mantras, and other singing that includes repeating phrases like "row row row your boat, gently down the stream", building the energy.

Each sound that we make with our voices naturally has a certain effect on the physical and subtle energies within and around us. The sounds of our voices are best when we are in a state of peace. Peace includes physical homeostasis, muscles relaxed, healthy hormones flowing throughout our bodies, and the highest states of consciousness that we are able to attune to.

When we use our voices for mundane communication it can have a de-energizing effect. In our everyday lives many of us need to use our voices to communicate neutral or uninspiring details, and the worst is when we argue or express anger with our voices. We can find ourselves tired from too much talking, shallow breathing, and our vocal chords can constrict, resulting in high pitched voices with a tone of tension.

A good practice is to use our voices with peace and love in the beginning and end of each day, in any way that we enjoy. This could include prayer, chanting, singing, talking with loved ones (including pets), speaking affirmations, etc. Then, when we engage in mundane communication the voice is received as friendly, comforting, healing, inspiring, and this makes for good teamwork and better acquaintances and friendships. When the voice is filled with love, those who listen want more.

Let's all explore the healing power of sound together!

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